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Even though I have updated my head unit to a Pioneer unit complete with Sirius satellite radio, there are times I want to listen to the local stations. I'm a bit of a talk radio fan, so the radio antenna integrated with the rear window is marginal at best. Even local FM stations cans go from being strong to disappearing when a tractor-trailer is near me.

So, has anybody got an answer to this? I'm considering placing an automatic extend/retract antenna on the passenger quarter panel close to where the trunk opens. The mast will attach to the quarter panel and the motorized part will be in the trunk. If these antennas are good enough for my Corvettes, then they should be good enough for my Challenger.

Has anybody taken on this project or will I be the first? If anybody has done this, any tips? Does anybody have an idea of what will be a good brand of antenna? I ask because some of these antennas come with a mount for the mast that will place the antenna at an angle that may not be complementary for the Chally.

Thanks for any advice or words of wisdom.
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