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These were for my car, but I have once again changed directions.

These the ideal in a high boost/high nitrous combination. If you currently have 6.1 heads, these will raise the compression by .3. If you currently have eagle heads, these will lower the compression by .4.

Stock chamber with stock guides. Stock seats were cut out and copper berrylium seats were installed for use with Extreme duty Manley valves 2.125" x 1.625".

Stock valve guides removed, heads have been cnc'd and the valve seats have been valve-jobbed.

Quench pad welded up to decrease CC volume.

Milled back flat and bronze valve guides installed.

Chambers cleaned up and polished. Chamber volume is 70cc

Retainers are custom made Titanium
Manley Hollow-Stem Severe Duty Intake Valves
Manley Extreme Duty Exhaust Valves
Manley Nextek Valvesprings

CNC Ported, Bronze Valve Guides, Newman Epoc valve job

Chamber full hand-formed and polished

Serious buyers only please. $2750 plus your cores OBO. Heads are ready for shipping.
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