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F/S 2009 SRT8 Black Full Loaded Challenger Currently FASTEST N/A

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Yes this is NO Joke. 2009 Fully Loaded Challenger

You want to jump out and get on top of the 11 sec Challenger list really quick... well now is the opportunity as you get your hands on a street driven 11 sec N/A Monster.

$36,000 OBO

Less than 7,000 miles


426 Stroker Rated 500RWHP 500RWTQ
Billet Arrington 90MMTB
HHP Stage II Ported Polished Intake Manifold
Arrington Heads
PI 4000 Stall
Kooks Headers and Freeflow Cats
Flowmaster Exhaust
Fastest ET: [email protected] fully loaded nothing removed.
Consistent 11.6 in the Heat of Summer


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damn, great deal and tempting, just over my price range though.....anymore photos for us?

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Thank everyone for interest but the Car has been SOLD. Given the type of individual who purchased it... the days of it being at the track are over and it is going to be mostly a SHOW CAR. :)

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yeah too bad.....

and to anwer the another question 500 rwhp should be fine on the stock cluctch

My SS is automatic...and i put down an easy 500/ 500+ and i have No issues.
granted a six speed manual has driveline shiock.

i too roll onto a best of 11.5x @ 127/......magna chargers + headers + wire plugs intake ( race) and a tranny tune..

i hunt daily .....but since i respect the srt8...i choose to dine on modified new 5.0's

did you get full price.??

i want 33 k for my SS....and yes it make s some supesional noises normal for a tuant car.

I've nailed high end audi' a on a curved road....i have the power suspension and brake to let them high lifers sob!!
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