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yeah too bad.....

and to anwer the another question 500 rwhp should be fine on the stock cluctch

My SS is automatic...and i put down an easy 500/ 500+ and i have No issues.
granted a six speed manual has driveline shiock.

i too roll onto a best of 11.5x @ 127/......magna chargers + headers + wire plugs intake ( race) and a tranny tune..

i hunt daily .....but since i respect the srt8...i choose to dine on modified new 5.0's

did you get full price.??

i want 33 k for my SS....and yes it make s some supesional noises normal for a tuant car.

I've nailed high end audi' a on a curved road....i have the power suspension and brake to let them high lifers sob!!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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