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F/S 2010 RT wheels parting whole car

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For sale 2010 Challenger R/T 18x7.5 stock aluminum wheels $150 each, sells new for $400. Also rear center tail lamp $100. Parting whole car more parts as it is disassembled - 5.7 hemi engine, auto trans, all air bags, leather seats. no body parts. located in central florida. email [email protected]
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What door stills does it have? Also, interested in leather seats. Is the 18's on the 2010 r/t different than the se 2011?
Here's a weird request for you -- how much for the passenger side sun visor? My wife managed to break the vanity mirror cover plate. I figured replacing the visor would be easier. I'm in Tampa area, so shipping shouldn't be bad -- or I could meet you somewhere and pick it up. Let me know.
how much for the complete leathers and how many miles on them?
I need a full set of Goodyear F1 Supercar tires!!! 245 (255 on the rear maybe?)/45ZR 20.
I'll take the auto-dimming / u-connect rear-view mirror if ya got it.

PM me a price.

What radio do you have in it...mine is stock and I would be willing to upgrade for the right price!

[email protected]
May I ask why you're parting out the car? Is it wrecked?
Interested in the leathers...
I'd like the radiator covers (cupholders). PM sent

was wondering what tune you were running and if you had any problems with your thermostat or what temp its running at now?
standard mirror and radio, sorry
How much for the fuse box cover under the hood, shipped to 11791, NY?
I am needing the dash, both driver and passenger airbags, airbag module, and both driver and passenger seat belts. Please let me know what you have and how much.
I'd be interested in the center console lid if available.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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