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This is for a TECHCO application. I stepped up to an ATI Super Damper and had to have this made to mate the lower pulley of the Techco to the damper face. The local machinist I used made two since it was easy for him(I'm using one). I had the part anodizied black to match the Techco pulley color. It has recessed and fly cut holes for 3/8" hex or 12 point bolts to attach it to the damper and the normal three 6 mm x 1.50 hex blots to attach the Techco lower pulley.(That's why the six holes in the picture).

If anyone that has a Techco and wants to upgrade to a better damper than the stock one, you will need something to attach the lower pulley. This has all the geometry worked out and is a simple bolt on once you pin the crank and install the ATI Superdamper.

Price is $300 shipped to your door.


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