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F/S Challenger SRT-8 stock exhaust

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I have a stock exhaust system from a 2009 Challenger SRT-8 for sale. Outside diameter of the exhaust is 2.75". Manual transmission car. There are about 200 miles on the exhaust when it was taken off. No rust. This might be a cheap way to upgrade the exhaust system on an R/T Challenger, not sure about that though you will have to research that.

Pickup only I am in Pottstown, PA 19465. I'll drive up to an hour away to meet someone. Lookin to get $200 for it or make an offer. PM me.

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:headbang: . . Awww dude... I just picked one up 2 weeks ago & drove my 13mpg truck to Pittsburgh to get it :headbang:
The old lady's from Pottstown, so I'm down there all the time... damn it my timing always sucks... :disgust: :cry: :headbang:

Of course the Wife just chimed in with the ... "well how about putting it on my 300c" comment :bang:
Don't think it would sound very good with her mds... or even fit.

Good luck with sale... :thumbsup:

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will this fit an auto r/t if not could it be modded to fit
I'm not sure. I don't think the R/Ts and the SRTs are that much different underneath. From what I can tell from looking at pictures of a 5.7 exhaust the only difference is the R/T have a big central muffler and the SRT has those 2 small central mufflers. And the larger pipe diameter of the SRT vs the R/T.

I think if your R/T has the MDS, it could sound funny when its in 4 cylinder mode. So you would have to disable the MDS with a tuner.

Someone else that has put an SRT exhaust on a R/T car might know and respond.
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