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These must go... I bought these wheels for my Challenger that I no longer have. I bought them online from MOPAR in December of 2008. The wheels NEW were $78 per. The chrome caps NEW were $33 per. The lugs were $4.42 per. These wheels were for winter duty only but looked bad ass on my Hemi Orange RT. They are in very good condition with no dents, nor are they bent. You will find minor scrtatches on them. These wheels will not fit an SRT-8 due to the big brembos.

I am asking $250 total for everything-- all 4 wheels, all 4 caps and all 20 lugs. I live in Middle Island, New York (exit 64 off the LIE). If I have to ship these, the buyer pays for the shipping cost.

PM me if interested.



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