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excuse my lack of knowledge, i have an 05 gto so im not up and up on challengers, but my dad just bought a 2010 challenger SE... im assuming the srt8 doesn't have a Y pipe like the SE does, right? so I'd have to come up with a custom solution to get it to fit on his car?

i live down the street from trashmore, btw

edit: obviously i know it's not going to be a quick bolt up job, they're completely different motors. but ive never seen an srt-8 exhaust and seem to be having a hard time finding a good picture of one, so ive got no idea whether its got a resonator,x-pipe, or whatever. you get the idea, what im up against.

i'll look at my dads challenger tomorrow and get some measurements. if you could post some pics that would be great. im sure he would love to have dual pipes, assuming i did all the work for him.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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