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$249 shipped anywhere in the lower US 48!
In perfect shape, only being removed because a Kenne Bell supercharger is going on and it won't be needed anymore. An awesome true CAI, one of, if not the best IMO. Here's a link to the info if you're not already familiar with it.
SP Bullet Fresh Air Intake (aka Cold Air Intake) for Dodge and Chrysler
They sell new for about $329 shipped. This is coming off a 2009 Challenger SRT 6-spd but I believe this model fits both the 6.1 and 5.7!

*Additionally the directions for the SRT call for the drivers side air dam cooling duct to be removed (it simply unsnaps) to make more room for the filter, instead I modded the top side of the OEM duct so it would funnel air more directly to both the filter and the Brembo brakes. This setup forces air directly into the cone end of the filter while the rest of the filter continues pulling cold air from the fender well area, the remaing air in the duct continues onto the Brembos. If you're interest in this mod I'll swap my duct for your unmodded one to save you the work, I'll even pay for the return shipping of yours! Here's a link to the thread for a better idea of what I'm talking about.


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