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Factory Iridium Plug in 2014 R/T

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I decided I would switch to a 1 step colder NGK Iridium plug in my 2014 R/T. I was quite surprised to find that my car already had Iridium plugs from the factory.

My goal was the colder plug so I continued with the install. However, I was also surprised at the toll that the Torco Booster had taken on my factory plugs.

My plugs have 10000 miles on them and I have used ONE 32 oz bottle of Torco and ONE bottle NOS Race formula during those miles. The orange (magnesium) coating was much thicker than I expected it to be.

The factory Iridium plug is ILZFR5E-11.

I used NGK LFR6AIX-11 plugs and the car really seems to respond well to them. My ST knock seem to be reduced. I haven't been able to go WOT, but I haven't had any ST knock under part throttle.


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