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Factory Shaker parts for 392

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I see the 5.7 Shaker hood and scoop etc. is available from Mopar so you could add it to a non shaker car.
So, when might the 392 scoop like the Scat Pack 392 Shaker be available? Or what would be needed to make the 5.7 scoop mount up to the 392? I assume the hoods will be the same?
I like the AFR and Cervini's set up but having the factory parts would be nice? The price may dictate what I would actually do though?
After seeing the Black Scat Pack Shaker 392 driving simulator at the Mile High Nats I have Shaker fever!


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I wonder if an afr shaker scoop would work with the mopar shaker hood??
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That would be a good question to have an answer for. I don't know if Mopar used one of the aftermarket shakers as a pattern or if it is there's alone. I know the the Mopar base is different.
If possible, it could be a good alternative for someone who wants an aluminum hood, but is not as resourceful or willing to make the bracket adaptor for the 392.

Guessing mopar used one scoop design for both the 5.7 & 6.4, but to achieve proper height the 5.7 mounting bracket lifts the scoop & base higher above the intake than the 6.4 mounting bracket.
shaker kit in stock and ready to ship, the hood is very light and ecoated same as the factory, the functional shaker could produce slightly higher hps numbers, however only at speed in my opinion,

the shaker does direct fresh air to the box fairly efficiently, the air box seals from the top to the hood, fresh air is forced from the scoop into the back of the box, bottom of the fender and the front behind the headlight

so far from what we have been able to verified, the hood and front fenders on the 15 are different, its our opinion that the hood from a 15 will not fit a 14,

what appears to be the same between 14 and 15, door skins, 1/4 panels, roof and decklid

we know from inside sources, Mopar is working on a shaker kit for both the 6.4 and 5.7 for the 2015, however it will not retrofit and they do not appear to be interested at this time in developing a kit for the 11 thru 14 6.4 cars

you will see an option for a shaker on the 15, but nothing except the 2000 numbered cars for the 14 model year


Is it possible to order a pre 15 hood, and a 6.4 shaker scoop kit or mounting bracket so there is no need to fab a bracket mod for use on a 6.4?
I hoping if we're patient we can order a 2014 hood and a 2015 shaker scoop and install kit for the scat pak 392 and have it all come together? :thumbsup:
I feel confident that will be how it shakes out...ha!
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