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Factory Shaker parts for 392

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I see the 5.7 Shaker hood and scoop etc. is available from Mopar so you could add it to a non shaker car.
So, when might the 392 scoop like the Scat Pack 392 Shaker be available? Or what would be needed to make the 5.7 scoop mount up to the 392? I assume the hoods will be the same?
I like the AFR and Cervini's set up but having the factory parts would be nice? The price may dictate what I would actually do though?
After seeing the Black Scat Pack Shaker 392 driving simulator at the Mile High Nats I have Shaker fever!


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EASILY the best looking Challenger I've seen to date. I absolutely LOVE that Yellow!
Where did you get the Shaker setup? It looks like the factory one that hasn't been released yet. There is another Shaker setup that looks totally different.
That's factory, he just modified it some to fit. You don't have to wait for Dodge to release the parts, all you need is a little ingenuity lol
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