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I would really like to make mine functional but, two things...

(thing 1)
I'm old, I get how the fastest, least restrictive, way to get air into a carburetor is through a hole in the hood.
In this case the air intake is behind the grill, how does increasing the distance (from the hood through the snorkel) to the air intake make things better? Would that not add restriction and turbulence too?

(thing 2)
Since heat seems to be an issue, what would the thoughts be to install everything from the fresh air kit except the snorkel.
Keep the air intake as is and use the opening created in the hood to vent heat. It would need a mod to add a drain hose to direct any moisture that got in, but the hood would be functional.
(for the example I used the Mopar kit, I understand there could be more cost effective ways to accomplish this)

What is it that I'm missing to wrap my brain around. (fluid dynamics?)

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