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Factory touch up paint, survey says...

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Close but no cigar! I finaly got the dreaded scratch on my beloved Challenger and ordered the factory touch up paint $20. It went on ok and buffed out good but the color was just a tad dark. Does anyone have opinions on Dr. Color Chip (I think that's what it's called). I was wondering how the color blended and if it matched well. My car is HO but anyone who has used this product and could share their results would be helpful.
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Used the Dr Colourchip on my DWB R/t and it worked like a charm, colour was dead on. If it's deep scratch or ding be prepared to apply multiple coats, many thin coats is better than acouple heavy coats. Had one chip that took 8 applications to cover up. Put it on and wait atleast an hour before going onto the second step. Highly recommend this product.
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