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Fellow Canadian's Who Ordered a Hellcat

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I was just wondering if anyone has an update on the status of their HC who got a VON when ordered? I ordered July 23 when my dealer call and said he was able to place an order. I called my dealer on Friday and he said no change in status still in B something status. Dealer has been family owned for over 55 years and has a Five Star Status (highest quality service rating awarded by Chrysler Canada), got an email from area rep and said they were going to build 3 HC per month for western Canada with first ones going to Vancouver and with the amount of orders for HC it might take 3 years to get one.I talked to the dealer in Ontario where I bought my Yellow Jacket and said they would get one HC but it would be about a month before they could option it, and he said they would build 50 HC for Ontario. If anyone would like to add to this, true or false, I would appreciate it.
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My name is Rick and live in windsor ont.My hellcat is built and in storage, waiting for
Told that it is the first one in Ontario.
Pitch black,laguna sepia interior.
My name is Rick and my HC is built and sitting in storage,waiting for delivery.
Vin.709748.i live in windsor ont.pitch black with sepia interior.told that it is the first one in ontario!
Can anyone tell me when car Vin 709748 that was off the line 09/22/2014 and sent to storage will be is 11/25/2014.
No communication at all from Chrysler.ship date has changed 4 times!
Thank you
Bogeiman007 vin709748 is in kz status,delivery date12/18/2014,Windsor ontario
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