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Fellow Canadian's Who Ordered a Hellcat

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I was just wondering if anyone has an update on the status of their HC who got a VON when ordered? I ordered July 23 when my dealer call and said he was able to place an order. I called my dealer on Friday and he said no change in status still in B something status. Dealer has been family owned for over 55 years and has a Five Star Status (highest quality service rating awarded by Chrysler Canada), got an email from area rep and said they were going to build 3 HC per month for western Canada with first ones going to Vancouver and with the amount of orders for HC it might take 3 years to get one.I talked to the dealer in Ontario where I bought my Yellow Jacket and said they would get one HC but it would be about a month before they could option it, and he said they would build 50 HC for Ontario. If anyone would like to add to this, true or false, I would appreciate it.
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I'm sure this has been posted/read elsewhere.. but the reason nothing is moving, is because of the backlog in Quality Control. All HC's are in QC right now, zero have been shipped out to consumers.

This exact thing happened with my 14' Jeep SRT when i bought it as well. I was watching five times a day to see if any updates had happened, then it was in QC with the other first round orders and it was just sitting...

Then the gates opened, and 7-10 days later, I had it. I tracked that sucker on rail from Michigan the entire way so I feel for you guys.

I skipped out on round one for two reasons...

One - Canada. Why get a HC in time for Winter?

Two - Viper was dropped 15k and the GTS is looking mighty. damn. tempting. now.

My wife wants us to get a HC and then I can have the Viper and she can have the HC.

I think in a perfect world (massive debt) that's the way (massive debt) we'll end up going (massive debt) so I guess next year (massive debt) will be very (massive debt) interesting for us.

er.. (massive debt)
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I can back ToasterOvern on this stuff as well. I have several insides at Chrysler/SRT and someone on stage doesn't mean squat. There are hundreds of people that work at Chrysler Canada, if you think one of the people in the know was at that event, and on stage, you're mistaken, sorry man. A PR person, not announcing things they can't confirm because US hasn't told them much of anything yet... this I can back.

Reality is, the Hellcat is not limited production in any way shape or form.

Yes, a smaller amount is allocated for Canada, but we're around 1/10th (316 million USA to 35 million Canada) the population of the USA so it's not a shock that the US gets 9 of every 10 cars created is it?

I went through this EXACT same stuff when the Grand Cherokee SRT was announced/coming for 2014 model. I ordered mine January 9th 2013. I had mine three months later.

To be fair, one of the high ups at SRT pushed it through faster for me.. but others I know that didn't have the 'in' got theirs within 1-2 months after me.

Point being, they're coming...

Now, I can go to any Jeep dealership and blamo.. I see the Jeep SRT sitting on lots in various colors. Go back 2-3 weeks later, they're gone and new ones are there. These sell and for that reason, they get replenished quickly.

Hellcat will be no different.

Vehicle Status and Information
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): 1C4RJFDJ1EXXXXX
Order Number (VON): XXXXXXXX
Sold Order: Yes

Vehicle Status
Current Location: On Railcar - Mishawaka, IN
Bay Information:
Build Code: Special Authorization, 03/26/2013
Dealer Delivery ETA: 04/15/2013
Origin Assembly Plant: Detroit Jefferson Assembly, MI
Origin Shipping Location: Detroit Jefferson Assembly, MI
Distribution Center: Calgary, AB
Vehicle Description
Year: 2014
Make: Jeep
Dealer Information
Dealer Code: XXXXX

Vehicle Movement Information

.. Adv Shp Notice - Pre-release 01/31/2013 07:39 AM EST Detroit Jefferson Assembly, MI
.. Scheduled for Build (D1) 03/01/2013 07:40 AM EST Detroit Jefferson Assembly, MI
.. Built - Pending Inspection (I) 03/14/2013 03:23 AM EDT Detroit Jefferson Assembly, MI
.. Ship To Storage (JS) 03/14/2013 02:13 PM EDT Detroit Jefferson Assembly, MI
.. In Bay At Facility 03/14/2013 04:14 PM EDT Avi - Vls Charlevoix Yard, MI
.. Adv Ship Notice to Dest Ramp 03/14/2013 04:14 PM EDT Avi - Vls Charlevoix Yard, MI
.. Bay Location Update 03/14/2013 04:16 PM EDT N/A
.. Staged For Shipment 03/15/2013 06:15 PM EDT Avi - Vls Charlevoix Yard, MI
.. In Bay At Facility 03/15/2013 08:36 PM EDT VASC - Taylor Auto Auction YD, MI
.. Adv Ship Notice to Dest Ramp 03/15/2013 08:36 PM EDT VASC - Taylor Auto Auction YD, MI
.. Departed Facility 03/15/2013 09:43 PM EDT Avi - Vls Charlevoix Yard, MI
.. Ramp Compare Inventory 03/15/2013 11:46 PM EDT VASC - Taylor Auto Auction YD, MI
.. Ramp Compare Inventory 03/15/2013 11:46 PM EDT VASC - Taylor Auto Auction YD, MI
.. Bay Location Update 03/15/2013 11:46 PM EDT N/A
.. Ramp Compare Inventory 03/17/2013 11:56 AM EDT VASC - Taylor Auto Auction YD, MI
.. Ramp Compare Inventory 03/17/2013 11:56 AM EDT VASC - Taylor Auto Auction YD, MI
.. Bay Location Update 03/17/2013 11:56 AM EDT N/A
.. Ramp Compare Inventory 03/19/2013 08:06 AM EDT VASC - Taylor Auto Auction YD, MI
.. Bay Location Update 03/19/2013 08:06 AM EDT N/A
.. Ramp Compare Inventory 03/20/2013 10:29 AM EDT VASC - Taylor Auto Auction YD, MI
.. Bay Location Update 03/20/2013 10:29 AM EDT N/A
.. Ramp Compare Inventory 03/21/2013 01:55 PM EDT VASC - Taylor Auto Auction YD, MI
.. Bay Location Update 03/21/2013 01:55 PM EDT N/A
.. Adv Ship Notice to Dest Ramp 03/24/2013 03:30 PM EDT VASC - Taylor Auto Auction YD, MI
.. Plant Release (KZ) 03/24/2013 03:30 PM EDT Detroit Jefferson Assembly, MI
.. In Bay At Facility 03/25/2013 03:48 AM EDT Detroit Jefferson Assembly, MI
.. Bay Location Update 03/25/2013 02:33 PM EDT N/A
.. Ramp Compare Inventory 03/25/2013 05:52 PM EDT VASC - Taylor Auto Auction YD, MI
.. Bay Location Update 03/25/2013 05:52 PM EDT N/A
.. Special Authority to Move 03/26/2013 09:44 AM EDT N/A
.. Paper Receipt 03/26/2013 11:26 AM EDT VASC - Taylor Auto Auction YD, MI
.. Bay Location Update 03/26/2013 01:40 PM EDT N/A
.. Staged For Shipment 03/26/2013 07:46 PM EDT VASC - Taylor Auto Auction YD, MI
.. Bay Location Update 03/26/2013 07:46 PM EDT N/A
.. Departed Facility 03/26/2013 09:13 PM EDT VASC - Taylor Auto Auction YD, MI
.. In Bay At Facility 03/26/2013 10:12 PM EDT Awhc - Toledo Ottawa South, OH
.. Bay Location Update 03/26/2013 10:30 PM EDT N/A
.. Paper Receipt 03/26/2013 11:00 PM EDT Awhc - Toledo Ottawa South, OH
.. Staged For Shipment 03/27/2013 10:51 AM EDT Awhc - Toledo Ottawa South, OH
.. Departed Facility 03/31/2013 02:57 PM EDT Awhc - Toledo Ottawa South, OH
.. Train Departure 04/03/2013 12:12 PM EDT On Railcar - Mishawaka, IN
.. Railcar - Interchanged 04/04/2013 11:46 PM EDT Chicago, IL
.. Railcar Placed at Destination Facility 04/11/2013 03:10 AM EDT Calgary, AB
.. Unloaded From Railcar 04/11/2013 03:10 PM EDT Calgary, AB
.. Vehicle Delivered to Dealer 04/15/2013 06:10 AM EDT

We're about to hit winter and Chrysler Canada knows 99% of you won't be driving a Hellcat in the snow so does Canada get a bunch of pre orders? No, the initial lot has been built already and is being built now and is in QC.

Mine was shipped to QC and sat in inspection for 2 weeks before anything further went on. Expect a wait, but KNOW the wait, will be worth it.
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Sorry I'm not buying it.
Especially with all the MISS INFORMATION on this car.

I've been waiting 10 wks for a seat upgrade that now will not be AVALIABLE in the 2015 model year if at all.

Beyond ridiculous with the lack of info from Dodge on the car and the current status of peoples orders, ESPECIALLY THE CANADIANS WHO HAVE BEEN WAITING THE LONGEST AND LEFT IN THE DARK THE LONGEST.
I will be speaking to the dealer tomorrow about my order.

Not a happy customer , buy a 79K car and 3 months after placing my order I'm left to wonder if and when I "might" get one of the "allocated" unicorns

Happy some of you have several "insiders at srt" but the rest of us are having to deal with REALITY and the fact we may never see a car.

Nice to dream but at some point the grown ups amongst us have to start acting like grown ups and decide enough is enough.
You sound like you need some time off the computer, damn, that was intense. Time for a beer. :)

Let's not forget this is just a car. A CAR. Nobody is dying here, nobody's life is at stake.

This is a FIRST GENERATION car at that given the changes. Will there be some misinformation? Sure, supply chains promise one thing but when things started they can't keep up etc. This *exact* same thing happens every time a new model is introduced, or a refresh that uses new parts etc. Same thing happened with my Jeep SRT, same thing is happening now.

Canadians aren't left in the dark in the least, car dealers know what they're told by their reps, who then get their info from their regional manager who gets their info from Windsor, who gets their info from Detroit. If you think US dealers are more knowledgeable, I'd ask you to check with some.

Yes, some Americans have VIN's already. That is based upon who they ordered through, their footprint sales wise/allocation etc. Reality is, Canada doesn't move anywhere near the Chargers/Challengers that the US does so no, Dodge isn't going to stop making money so they can tell you that a car is coming down the line for you. They're too busy filling orders placed from dealers five times larger than where you ordered yours, or that guy with a Timmy's in his hand ordered his. This is about money and if you were running the shoe and had stockholders and Fiat to answer to, you'd also be playing it this way.

I know it's hard, I know it sucks, but if you want to play with the big boys and have the bad ass muscle car before anyone else - why on earth did you think it'd be easy? You're not buying a v6 Mustang here, you're buying the baddest b*tch on the block. It's worth the wait.

If you don't want to wait, drop your order. It's been three months. If you were buying a luxury car like a first gen Ferrari or Lambo, you have a 2-3 year wait. Chrysler launched the details, got us excited and then there was the horsepower issue and what had been approved versus what it actually was etc and that had to be redone. In addition, some things weren't final/perfect in the fine tuning. The testers we all see images of (they say Supercharged on the side) - those drivers are told - THRASH THIS. BREAK THIS. HELP US. They do just that and report back - Chrysler fix things before models go to customers and your hint this is happening is because cars are still in QC, but last I heard they are being released shortly. For Canada? Yes, a handful... then they start trickling quicker.

Again, we can all sympathize with wanting this NOW. Look at it. heh. Thing is, you have to wait if you want the car, if you said forget the order, waited a day and tried to get back in line.. you get your car in April/May if lucky. This car will be difficult to get in year one, the same line that builds these builds the other Chally's and those are selling faster than they ever have. New records are coming for cars sold/built.

So yes, it's a process.

Sorry you're having a tough time man, but smile. Soon you'll have your car, even if another three months.. one week driving it and you'll be thankful you waited. :thumbsup:
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Like Rayzazoo said, there are some that have been built, but they are very much sitting in quality control right now, along with all orders for the US as well. Zero have been shipped out, no customers have one yet, anywhere.

only time you'll read otherwise, a car sales pitch in auto trader etc.

car salesmen never lie though, so who knows. :/

when these bad boys start shipping, it'll be news, trust me, we'll all know. :D
Those are VIP cars, as in, not public, done ahead of production for people with pull, they avoided the QC hold because the QV issues hadn't been seen that early (rear window issue). Five were done Canada wide, two are in BC (Vancouver), two in Ontario and one in Quebec. One of the guys in Van owns the second largest car rental company in Canada - they buy a *lot* of Chrysler product so he def. had some pull in getting his. (as an example)
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The photo of the cars shown.. was at a press event in Ontario showing the vehicles to Canadian press, these exact cars are not VIP cars, these are press promotional cars for Chrysler Canada.
So what your saying is even if someone has a sold order with a small dealer in SK with no allocation they will eventually get their hellcat? My sold order was entered and I had a VON within 2 hours after the order banks opened on July 23 and as of today nothing has changed. I don't care when I get a car I just want to know IF I'm getting one. Still in BA status from day one
Yes, you'll get one.. but it will not be this year, and even next year is a toss up.

Again, if anyone looks at the way the Jeep SRT for 2014 was handled, same thing. Everyone was told impossible to get. These were backordered, people were waiting for 6-12 months - now they're all over. They ironed out the kinks, they got them flowing. Allocation doesn't matter at this point, want a Jeep SRT? Order one.

Same will be with Hellcat but again, not initially. I know, that part sucks.
The 2014 Jeep SRT was available as early as March/April 2013, and the exact Jeep is still being sold right now.. 1.5 years later. It was the refresh so yes, extended year.

The 15's are on the way granted, but same model/engine etc. For the Jeep SRT it took about 8-10 months or so to catch up and start flowing properly. This was after the initial orders were placed.

If you place an order in Canada for a HC right now, it will arrive but you might wait close to a year to get it. Since it's Oct 2014 and these are 2015 models... this time next year, they will be 2016 models. The orders would be filled in priority of course, allocations first, then ordered units once allocations are filled and cars are sitting on lots, even if for a short while where the principal isn't ordering more.

Smaller city dealerships are usually owned by larger groups with buying power. Example, I know of a dealership in small town Sask, Knight.. they are owned by a large group, and they very much have ability to order, not to mention that they are also a auth. Viper dealership.

Waiting sucks, we all want this beast *NOW* but for me.. Winter is here shortly.. no way I'd sandbag this car, I'll wait and even though the supply will be tight in early to mid 2015... it will loosen up, just as every other SRT product has in the past on initial launch. Right now the dealers that are moving high number of challengers/chargers get priority over those that don't, so that puts most dealerships in Alta and Sak at a disadvantage (truck provinces).

I remember dealerships not being able to order the Jeep SRT, they'd tell you to your face, sorry, you won't get it. Not even a year later, they have 2 and 3 sitting on lot with 2 more inbound on carriers. Where I am now in BC, there are dealerships here with two and three on lot, but that's because they upgraded the interior to Sepia which adds price and many don't like it in person.

Hellcats won't arrive this year for 99%, true.. and next year.. slow, but by this time next year, anyone that has ordered, unless you ordered tenth in line at a small dealership, you should have your car.

They are coming.
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I understand many are frustrated they can't get their car and they feel it's a slap in the face to Canadians. It's not about making you happy, me happy or Canada happy for that matter. It's about allocation based on prior sales, ie - where the population is.

I'd LOVE it if all Canadian lots were loaded with HC's but it's Winter (more or less) and well, why send cars to Canada where we have what... 10% of the US population?

The US dealerships MOVE Chargers, Challengers etc. Canadian dealers move trucks first and foremost. Ask *any* Dodge dealer Canada wide and he'll tell you he sells more 1500's than he does Challengers.

We'll get our cars, but just like the 2014 Jeep SRT, we won't get them first.

Downside and I hope this is false, I'd heard they have close to 13,000 HC's ordered. Not sure how many they can churn out of the factories. So many ordering right now will most likely be waiting until late 2015, or early to mid 2016.

RS - shed any light?
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Like the rest of you, I am still waiting for some word on my order.

I am in no giant rush now that the winter rains have started in Vancouver.

However, I will throw out the question. If these cars wind up not showing up until something crazy, like fall 2015, would you not be tempted to just pass on it and see what the 2016 model looked like?

It will likely be almost no different...but who knows?
the only difference to the 16 is still being ironed out but word so far is that Plum Crazy is coming, as is Hemi Orange. These might be pushed to 17 though due to the clusterf*ck in getting the 15's out to orders.

Like all first gen changes in SRT, the first year is hilariously slow, then things iron out. 2014 Jeep SRT was same thing, impossible to get in first 6-12 months, now they are a dime a dozen. HC will be a *lot* easier to get this time next year.

As for Van rains, I feel ya man!

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I'll tell you why. It's because they lie.
Maybe in the US man, but in Canada... very diff like Nobrakes was saying.

They are very much making dealers buy 10-20 Dodge Sprinter Vans if they want a Hellcat.

Also, when ordering in Canada - they require a name, order form, deposit and often license scan. It's not made up names etc.

FCA aren't idiots. People might not like the way things are going, and I agree.. should be like FCA USA rules but right now, they're not.
Then there are guys like Benson in Edmonton who wants you to pay $109,000 for a Charger Hellcat.

2015 Dodge Charger SRT8 HELLCAT for $109,999 in EDMONTON |

This guy sounds like a tool praying on people. I'd love it if Dodge Canada stopped all future orders to this guy's dealership but that's me.

his phone number is in the link.









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