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Fellow Canadian's Who Ordered a Hellcat

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I was just wondering if anyone has an update on the status of their HC who got a VON when ordered? I ordered July 23 when my dealer call and said he was able to place an order. I called my dealer on Friday and he said no change in status still in B something status. Dealer has been family owned for over 55 years and has a Five Star Status (highest quality service rating awarded by Chrysler Canada), got an email from area rep and said they were going to build 3 HC per month for western Canada with first ones going to Vancouver and with the amount of orders for HC it might take 3 years to get one.I talked to the dealer in Ontario where I bought my Yellow Jacket and said they would get one HC but it would be about a month before they could option it, and he said they would build 50 HC for Ontario. If anyone would like to add to this, true or false, I would appreciate it.
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I am new to this forum because I'm trying to order a hellcat too. My sold order was put in on July 23 two hours after the order banks opened and I also got a VON at the same time. My status has been BA from that time and still is. I ordered it from a small town dealer hoping to support my local area but within a couple days they told me I wouldn't be able to get one through them. I then phoned a big dealer in Langley BC where I had recently bought a used 05 Ram SRT10 and asked him if it was still possible to order a hellcat and he stated that it wouldn't be a problem and that they had 4 on order and none were sold yet. The next day I phoned him back and he said that 2 were sold so I spoke for the third one and sent him a deposit. A week later he phoned and told me that they MIGHT get one hellcat and I was likely SOL, again. He sent my deposit back but both dealers have left my order in. I have ordered mine with a sunroof and this appears to be late availability option but geez when a guy is left totally in the dark for almost two months its pissing me off. When a sold order is placed within two hours after the order banks open I should know something by now. I'd gladly delete the sunroof if it helped but I'm afraid it'll screw up my spot in the imaginary line. So much for "unlimited production" like the Dodge CEO says
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You sound like you need some time off the computer, damn, that was intense. Time for a beer. :)

Let's not forget this is just a car. A CAR. Nobody is dying here, nobody's life is at stake.

This is a FIRST GENERATION car at that given the changes. Will there be some misinformation? Sure, supply chains promise one thing but when things started they can't keep up etc. This *exact* same thing happens every time a new model is introduced, or a refresh that uses new parts etc. Same thing happened with my Jeep SRT, same thing is happening now.

Canadians aren't left in the dark in the least, car dealers know what they're told by their reps, who then get their info from their regional manager who gets their info from Windsor, who gets their info from Detroit. If you think US dealers are more knowledgeable, I'd ask you to check with some.

Yes, some Americans have VIN's already. That is based upon who they ordered through, their footprint sales wise/allocation etc. Reality is, Canada doesn't move anywhere near the Chargers/Challengers that the US does so no, Dodge isn't going to stop making money so they can tell you that a car is coming down the line for you. They're too busy filling orders placed from dealers five times larger than where you ordered yours, or that guy with a Timmy's in his hand ordered his. This is about money and if you were running the shoe and had stockholders and Fiat to answer to, you'd also be playing it this way.

I know it's hard, I know it sucks, but if you want to play with the big boys and have the bad ass muscle car before anyone else - why on earth did you think it'd be easy? You're not buying a v6 Mustang here, you're buying the baddest b*tch on the block. It's worth the wait.

If you don't want to wait, drop your order. It's been three months. If you were buying a luxury car like a first gen Ferrari or Lambo, you have a 2-3 year wait. Chrysler launched the details, got us excited and then there was the horsepower issue and what had been approved versus what it actually was etc and that had to be redone. In addition, some things weren't final/perfect in the fine tuning. The testers we all see images of (they say Supercharged on the side) - those drivers are told - THRASH THIS. BREAK THIS. HELP US. They do just that and report back - Chrysler fix things before models go to customers and your hint this is happening is because cars are still in QC, but last I heard they are being released shortly. For Canada? Yes, a handful... then they start trickling quicker.

Again, we can all sympathize with wanting this NOW. Look at it. heh. Thing is, you have to wait if you want the car, if you said forget the order, waited a day and tried to get back in line.. you get your car in April/May if lucky. This car will be difficult to get in year one, the same line that builds these builds the other Chally's and those are selling faster than they ever have. New records are coming for cars sold/built.

So yes, it's a process.

Sorry you're having a tough time man, but smile. Soon you'll have your car, even if another three months.. one week driving it and you'll be thankful you waited. :thumbsup:

So what your saying is even if someone has a sold order with a small dealer in SK with no allocation they will eventually get their hellcat? My sold order was entered and I had a VON within 2 hours after the order banks opened on July 23 and as of today nothing has changed. I don't care when I get a car I just want to know IF I'm getting one. Still in BA status from day one
x 2! Dodge - are you listening?

X 4! They might be listening but nothing will change cause that's how big companies operate.
Congrats on your car is built too and waiting at rail yard to be loaded.

Hemikid, nice to hear someone from SK actually getting somewhere. Where did you order yours and with what options?
I ordered from Southey Motors in Southey........Merv Ritter, owner, excellent gentleman to deal with. Sublime ,A8, upgraded Nav, Performance tires, Black Laguna and red seat belts.
I would also like to see it once you have picked it up, I'm in Grenfell so not far away. I ordered from Indian Head with the black satin hood but I doubt that mattered even though I ordered an hour after the banks opened. I'm surprised you were able to get one that early through a small town dealer that has a low volume compared to city dealers. My brother knows Merv in Southey and I'm considering starting over and ordering elsewhere to see if that helps. As I've said before, I'm in no hurry I just want to know IF I'll ever get one.
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