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I'm about to start ordering parts this month
but I want to hear from a few people
who's has slap simple I/h/e/tune on their r/t auto challengers.

I'll be purchasing
-long tube catless headers with 3in collectors

-3in straight pipe exhaust with 2 flowmasters
(not using a x or h pipe)

-Short ram intake

-Intune Dcx

I'm thinking about buying the intune dcx
because I can care less about 0-60,1/4,fancy gauges
I just need the software to upload a map
or have a custom tune uploaded and the intune offers that.

I'm wondering for people with similar set ups
how do the car react and what type of
times and trap speed is our 4k tanks doing with these mods
and whp/tq #s.

Also has a lot of people switched to e85? I've been using it in my past cars just curious if the challenger community has used it and what there reaction to it is.


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I don't have an R/T so I can't speak to those mods as I drive an SRT. As far as E85 is concerned I know several supercharged Challenger owners using it at the track as a high octane fuel. Not sure if you will get any benefit until the mods get more extreme.

Most cars built in the last few years are safe for i'ts use, even if they are not specifically labeled as such, but this bears further investigation, just to be sure.

Just know that if you ever do switch fuels weather it's to E 85 or race gas, you will need to tune specifically for it to get the most benefits and not actually hurt your car. Fuels all have a specific gravity which can cause you to run lean when switching to a "lighter" fuel even though it has a higher octane rating.

Good luck with the mods, I would suggest some kind of H or X pipe. It will help balance the exhaust and wil just plain sound better.


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I do not recommend running E85 on a mild 5.7L the expense of upgrading fuel pump and injectors plus the tune is not worth it, As for you mods RWHP gain would be right around 20RWHP and 15TRQ Long tubes really shine when you get to the next step either a blower or heads and cam.
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