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My wife went and got a new 2015 Challenger SXT today. We love it! Had one ooops though, when we got home, as she was pulling it in the garage, I noticed a giant screw in the front tire. So back to the dealer tomorrow to get that fixed. Glad she got the optional tire protection package. Came in handy already.

The one thing I dont like is the CHEESEY PLASTIC FUEL DOOR! OMG Dodge, WTF are you thinking! Would it kill you to invest is some freaking METAL.
Its not like the car is 10k geeze!

Is the DRAKE fuel door the only one available? I would like to find one with NOTHING in the center. I dont need a big label saying FUEL.

I found the locking gas cap on ebay searching for the part number above. Came up no problem.

1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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