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First time buyer thread

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I think that there are a few of us that have had this year's Challenger in mind for quite some time.

Does anybody have tips for ordering the beauty from the bank? Trying to maneuver to get the best deal, obviously -- and probably getting the SXT, personally.
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Look up the car you want using True Car, it was great on buying my kids new car this year.
As mentioned, use True Car, then print the savings certificate. Also check the Dodge site for applicable rebates base on your area. If you bank with USAA, you qualify for their $1000 rebate (in place of the True Car rebate). With 2014 Challenger production complete, and a re-designed 2015 on the way, the ball is in your court. Start at the invoice price and apply the rebates from there plus any negotiating you can manage. Good luck!
I'm confused. Are you trying to buy a 2014 or a 2015? And you want to order it correct? You won't be able to order a 2014 because that ship has sailed or it's leaving the port now. As for ordering from the bank, do you mean you are going to finance it from a bank and not the dealer? Because you can't order it from the bank. The dealer orders it. Just call your bank and get tell them the type if car you are getting, get pre- approved so you know you'll be able to get financing. Ask them how long the approval is good for then go in and order it. As for deals, if you order it you should probably get it for invoice, minus any incentives and rebates. If it's sitting on their lot you might get a little better deal. Don't expect much less than invoice price though.
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