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I had my first time solo on the track!

This was my 2nd time at PR. The first time was their mandatory full day skills & lapping w/instructors course. Then I came back and did the AM coaching to get signed off for solo. This is the session right after that.

The track was just open all afternoon because there weren't so many drivers. We were out there with everyone from the students taking the first day course and lapping with instructors, to guys in their GT2RS's who have their SCCA license. I was a little nervous because I expected to be much slower than everyone due to my experience and car, and I didn't want to be in anyone's way. I also didn't really have a good feel for the track or speed. I know we go out there with instructors, but like 60% of that is just a whirlwind of excitement and I feel like I didn't retain much other than point-bys, flag meaning, and what all those cones mean. I was trying to hit the racing lines, but again, it's that honeymoon phase where I'm just so excited to be out there that I forget sometimes to drive the "right way."

Toward the end of the day (which didn't get recorded because my GoPro died), I did some pretty decent laps. I think chasing cars and following their lines really helps. When you follow a car through a corner and he's on the right line you instantly see how much faster you are and it's like the clouds part. :)

The car is upgraded with Motul RBF600 brake fluid, Powerstop Track Day pads & rotors, a K&N cold air intake, and a mid-muffler delete.

There are couple of interesting time-stamps in the video:

  • Lap 4 I get behind a first-day student in a Grand Cherokee SRT8. That was fun because he had enough power in the straights to keep me from passing. He was nice and let me by eventually, though.
  • Lap 8 I tried to chase a caged M3, but he almost immediately lost me.
  • Lap 9 I got to chase my friend in his M5 Comp. I felt like, since we are similar driving skills, we should be pretty comparable in the corners with similar weight vehicles. I actually feel pretty good about hanging with him, but he lost me in the straight since he either got a better run off Turn 9 or he has 200 more hp, or both.
  • Lap 10 I start a nice little battle with a Civic Type-R. I felt really good about sticking with him. I don't know that driver, so I don't know his skill level.
  • Lap 11 is my fastest lap of the session.
I'm gonna link one video without music & one with music. Feel free to pick your poison. I also wouldn't mind knowing which you prefer so I know which way to make them in the future.

My next track day is in March. I'm definitely addicted. :)

PR - 2010 SRT8 - No Music

PR - 2010 SRT8 - With Music

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My vote is music of squealing tires and V8 ;)

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