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Is anybody running an SRT Brembo with Hop not stage II , Mopar springs ( slightly lowerd like 3/4") and 17" 28x10 ?

I am currently running 26x9 M&H on cobra-r but looking at switching to a 17x10 rim ( speaking of that anybody using anything but Weld ?) and a 28x10 Hoosier .

I just cannot get the Racemasters to hook up , even though I have the 3.06 auto my Nittos were good with the 26" tire pre SC , now cannot hook on no prep track even with the better racemasters , flash or load I've tried every launch and everything from 22-14 lbs ( should be like 18lbs ) , light burnout to full burnout .

So I am thinking maybe the 26x9 are just too small. looking at full slicks but definitely worried about clearance .

Car is an 2011 IE 392 , A5, P1-SC, mopar springs , hop not stage II are the relevant pieces

thanks - dt
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