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Hello everyone! I have a 2006 Chrysler 300 SRT8.
This is my current set up:
Full Build-
6.4 hemi fuel pump
52 pound injectors
P-1x head unit
6 rib pully on 7 psi
93 octane tune
Billet open by-pass valve
muffler/res delete
long tube headers
catless mids

I’m trying to run e-85. I’m more than capable of being able to support it on my current fueling set up. However, I am unsure of what exactly I need in terms of sensors, commanders, harnesses etc.. to allow for flex fuel. I’ve seen kits but Between my larger injectors, 6.4 pump w/ BAP and the 6.1 motor, I’m at a loss of what I need to do. If anyone has any information of what I would need altogether please let me know. Thanks!

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You will need a good tuner that has experience tuning a forced induction Hemi on e85.

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Are you sure 52lb injectors would support E85? And the 392 pump? Only reason I say is because I have a bigger pump, Walbro 400 and 53lb injectors and there's no way I'd be able to support E85 on it. E30 maybe but even that's pushing it on my 53lb injectors. Also ethanol will ruin the 392 pump over time, again E30 is low enough where it should be safe but E50+ I wouldn't run on any pump that's not ethanol rated. Just my .02¢

Here's a link for some calculators-
Fuel Pump Calculator
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