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Beautiful wheels for your Challenger or Charger. Adding sticky wide tires and wider wheels that will transfer all the power of your Mopar to the road is the single biggest performance gain you can make! This set will do that. Don't lose to that 5.0! These came off my 2015 RT Plus when I traded it in. Purchased the set in February 2019 not a scratch on the wheels and tires were not abused and like new: These are the best and stickiest tires I have ever owned. There is no compromise. They are as good in the rain as they are in the dry! Smooth and quiet ride and a 30K mileage warrantee . All in a Max Performance Summer Tire! Go to the Tire Rack and read the ratings and reviews.

Front Wheels: Flow One Racing Gloss Black 8.5"X 20" Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 245/45ZR20
Rear Wheels : Flow One Racing Gloss Black 10"X20" with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 275/40ZR20.

Invoice total for the wheel and tire set complete from Tire Rack with black lugs and new TPMS was $2693.

Asking $1900 or Best Offer for the Wheels and Tire set

Also have a Gloss Pitch Black Gas filler cover for Challenger that matches these wheels perfectly! Paid $300
Asking $100.

Location: Spring Hill Florida

Michelin PS 4S

Flow One Wheel


Tire Rack Michelin PS 4S

Flow One Wheels
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