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I've noticed the 'electric key'(what my wife calls it) has gotten flakey..and won't unlock the doors anymore...had to break out the spare fob.

just how do you open the thing up to replace the battery?

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And before all of you owners manual fanatics go off yes it's on page 25 there too.

Transmitter Battery Replacement​

The recommended replacement battery is CR2032.​
Perchlorate Material – special handling may

apply. See Managing Hazardous Waste
1. If the RKE transmitter is equipped with a screw,
remove the screw. With the RKE ransmitter buttons
facing down, use a flat blade to pry the two halves of the
RKE transmitter apart. Make sure not to damage the
elastomer seal during removal.
2. Remove and replace the battery. When replacing the battery, match the + sign on the battery to the + sign on
the inside of the battery clip, located on the back cover.
Avoid touching the new battery with your fingers. Skin
oils may cause battery deterioration. If you touch a battery, clean it with rubbing alcohol.
3. To reassemble the RKE transmitter case, snap the two
halves of the case together. Make sure there is an even
“gap” between the two halves. If equipped, install and

tighten the screw until snug. Test RKE transmitter


Some people here love telling people to read the manual
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