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Alright guys, I've been looking at forged wheels for some time now. I have grown tired of always coming across the same names e.g. HRE,DPE,iForged,CCW, etc.

So today while searching I came across a gold mine of forged wheel manufacturer's and their url's. I went to every link and edited the broken ones and ditched the companies that no longer exist. Let's make this list even longer guys.

If you know of more companies not on this list or if you have a comment regarding a companies customer service, wheel quality, etc. post it and I will try to keep this updated.

My goal is to get this stickied for people to have an easier time finding what I spent way to long having to search for. So without further ado........the list.

360 forged 360 Forged
Ace Forged Ace Forged Wheel- 2pce modular wheels,,Mercedes,BMW, Bantely, Lexus, infinite Forged Wheels modular 2pieces Stagger 6061 forged, Custom Finish
ADV1 ADV.1 - Home
Aeroforged Aeroforged Performance Wheels
Aicona Aicona Wheels
AM Forged AM FORGED Wheels. Forged Rims. Automotoring Forged Rims and Wheels.
Asanti Welcome to Asanti Luxury Wheels
Axiom Axiom Wheels
AZA AZA Forged
BAD Billet Accessories Direct
Barry White Barry's Speed Shop - Wheels
BC-Racing Taiwan Bor-Chuann (BC-racing)
Billet Specialties Billet Specialties
Bogart Bogart Racing Wheels
Bonspeed bonspeed Wheels High Intensity Forged Alloys
Breden BREDEN FORGED - Custom Forged 3 Piece Wheels / Rims
Breed Breed Wheels
CCW Complete Custom Wheel - Home
Centerline Centerline Wheels
Colorado Custom Colorado Custom - Precision Billet wheels steering wheels and accessories
COR 3 Piece Forged Wheels, Concave Wheels, Monoblock Wheels by COR
Cordon Welcome to Cordon Alloys ~
Curtis Speed Curtis Speed
D2 D2FORGED WHEELS Rims Concave Wheels, Mono Block Wheels, Corvette Custom Wheels 3PC Wheels 2PC Wheels 6061-T6
DONZ DONZ Forged Series | Evolution of Luxury
DPE DPE Wheels
Eagle Forged Eagle Alloy Wheels
Eta Beta ETA BETA Wheels
Extreme Luxuries Extreme Luxuries
Fikse Fikse Wheels: Custom forged modular and monoblock wheels for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes cars.
Forged Collection
Forged Specialties Forged Specialties Wheels | 3-Piece Custom Wheels
Forgeline Forgeline: Home
Forgestar Forgestar Wheels Custom Rotary Forged Flow Formed Concave Performance Wheels
Forgiato Welcome to Forgiato Designs | Designer Forged Wheels
GFG Giovanna :: GFG by Giovanna ::
HRE HRE Performance Wheels
Hyper Forged Hyper forged wheels¡¡official site
Iconz Iconz-Home
iForged iForged Performance Wheels | The next generation in forging technology - Global Site
Interad Interad Forged Wheels | Three piece custom forged wheels for the automotive aficionado | Makers of the Turismo, Le Mans, Comp 5, and Martini Concave Wheels
Intro Intro Wheels
ISS Forged ..::: Welcome To ISS Forged :::..
J Line J Line Wheels
Jongbloed Welcome to Jongbloed Racing Wheels
Kartier Kartier Forged Wheels
Keizer Keizer Aluminum Wheels : We Expect The Results You Dream About
Kinesis Kinesis Perfomance Wheels
Kodiak Kodiak Racing Wheels - Custom lightweight race wheels for performance and racing
KWC Showwheels - Wheels
Lusso Lusso Forged Wheels | Luxury Defined
Madina Madina Forged
Makaveli home_frameset
Marcato Marcato Forged Wheels
MHT MHT Wheels Inc. : MHT Forged Edition
Modular Concept :: Modular Concept ::
Modular Society Modular Society
Modulare Welcome // Modulare
Monoleggera MONOLEGGERA - Monoblock Wheels, Forged, Racing, Luxury, Performance Wheels
MOZ MOZ Luxury Wheels
Mr. Norms Search results for: 'wheels' | Mr. Norm's Garage
NC Forged NC Forged - Modular Custom Forged Wheels
NewGen Driverz Inc
Nutek Nutek Wheels
Petrol Petrol Wheels – multi piece wheels, three piece wheels, 3 piece wheels, staggered wheels.
Pro Wheels Pro Wheels | Wheels | Rims | Norwalk, CA | Downey
Raceline Raceline Wheels
ROH </title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen, print, projection" href="common.css"></link> <script type="text/javascript" src="ie_noclick.js"></script> </head> <body> <div id="hznwheeltemplate"> <div id="wheeltemplate"> <ul id="sitem
rotiform ?|? Rotiform Wheels ?|?
Rugotti Rugotti Forged Wheels - Premium Custom Wheel Source in Los Angeles Area
Rushforth Rushforth Wheels - Home
Schott Schott Wheels -
Sopra Sopra Custom Wheels, LLC. - Welcome
Sporza Sporza Wheels : Luxury Alloy wheels
Strasse Strasse | Forged
sv1 Forged sv1forged
Symbolic Symbolic Luxury Wheels
True Forged True Forged Wheels custom billet
USWheel US Wheel Corp. - USW Forged, wheels, billet wheels, forged wheels, billet wheel, wheel, custom wheels, aluminum wheels, custom rims, racing wheels, rims, forged wheel, 3 piece wheels, 2 piece wheels, chrome rims, chrome wheels, luxury cars, luxury se
Venaci Venaci Wheels
Vellano Vellano Forged Wheels :: Home
VIP Modular VIP Modular Wheels
Vossen Luxury lightweight Vossen staggered 19, 20, 21, 22 inch wheels rims for Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, Audi and Bentley
Weapon Forged Welcome to Weapon Forged
WORK Work Wheels :: Home

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Tyler great job 85% of these I had bookmarks on :thumbsup:
I went with USW and have no regrets the service was first rate and the lead time was great they make all of there wheels to order so you need to wait but as far as fitment and having the correct offset there wheels are spot on!!!

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I'm sure someone knows the maximum size tires and rims that will fit the Challenger, front and rear. The first post of this thread would be a natural place to add that information. Could a mod please add it there and then delete this post?

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Not for our cars...

But 949 Racing makes really nice wheels.

I had some of those on my Auto-X MR2.

15" tires that where 9" Wide in the back and 8" on a first generation MR2.

BTW amazing list :)

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USWheel and USW Forged wheels are now two separate companies. USW Forged 3-piece wheels is now located in Houston, Texas.
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