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The build is now complete on my 2010 SRT8.To refresh your memory,the objective was to pump up my "Maggie" from 8 lbs to 12+lbs,produce at least 600 rwhp/tq on 93 octane,keep the driveability I presently have(It is a daily driver) & pass New York emission testing with no tricks.
Took my car to the Westbury Hemi Shop on Long Island,home of Jim the master Hemi mechanic & AJ Berge the master Hemi tuner.
Yes,the bottom end is now forged(All 6.1 Liters) & the boost ended up being closer to 13lbs.Stock cam , heads & exhaust with Mopar catback were retained for smooth idle & driveability.Comp. ratio at 9.5.Rev limiter set at 6,500.
I have attached the dyno sheet.The car is insane but has the same driveability when it was pushing 8lbs:thumbsup:In other words,just right.It also just passed it's emission test with no problem.
I know dyno #'s are always suspect but I tell you,every time I nail it, I have a religeous experience.
The End for now,
Tony C.


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