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Another %*#&[email protected]* Door Ding

I used to think the jerks that would open their doors into my Challenger were doing it because they harbored some resentment or jealousy of me over my choice in cars, but it appears as though that's not the case. Apparently, they don't care what I'm driving - they just don't like me. :disgust:

Found this today on the rental car:

Rental Door Ding 01.jpg Rental Door Ding 02.jpg


I admit that I have not been putting as much space between me and the other cars while parking the rental, but still...I've only had it a couple of weeks, and it's already been bashed by somebody who just walked away after doing it. :disappointed:

And I'm supposed to turn this thing in next week, so it looks like I get to try my hand at making it less noticeable before then.

:6: :headbang: :flame: :8: :mad:
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