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Forum Dodge Dealers?

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I've been hanging out on this forum for a while but I don't think I've
come across any Dealers that support this site or offer special deals
to members.

On the other hand, there are a few dealers on that seem to get a lot of business from members and even help buyers find the perfect Camaro. For example:

"More Available! ...Fly in... Drive Out, or I can ship to You"

More Available! ...Fly in... Drive Out, or I can ship to You - 2011 Camaro ZL1 Camaro Forum / Camaro SS and V6 Forums -

Seems like Dodge Dealers are missing the boat.
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I was wondering about this too - I thought maybe commerce was prohibited from the site, not having been here long. I have a dealer near me who is absolutely loaded with 2010 and 2011 Challengers. Several of the 2010s are demonstrators, a few are new. I bought my car last week from their sister location who just had a few cars, but a bigger discount. Anyway, if anyone is in the Washington DC area and wants to choose from quite a few cars on the lot, I can tell you more about the Silver Spring location. They had a 392 in a dark grey. Lots of 2011s in new colors too.

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We are a proud and active supporting dealer of and we have over 100 Challengers available (in stock and coming). I am always available to help, regardless of where you buy. If you choose us, we do ship cars nationwide all the time, as well as drop ship to nearby dealers, and will certainly roll out the red carpet if you wish to fly into town.
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