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Free Challenger Android App for your Phone

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I developed some android themes for a while and I made 2 for Challenger owners. Since I'm new to the forum it is my gift to you all if you want it.
I have 2 themes that are easy to install with a free Android app.
Here is what the 2 themes will look like on your phone.
Here is the first one.

And Of course the Freedom George Washington

How do you get them? What's the catch?
No catch, I'm just a nice guy so enjoy!
Here are by best directions on how to get this them on your phone.

You have to install Theme Software from Android Market.
Use Ahome,OpenHome,Freshface or free app Pandahome Panda home2 (AKA 91 Panda Home by NetDragon) to install. wallpaper background

After downloading pandahome

On your smartphone click on either of these links below to download the Theme.

(Your security setting might need to be changed to allow installation of non-Market application. Check the box to allow, and after install go back and turn security back on. I used to sell over 250 apps on the android market, but I stopped so this is a loophole to give it away free.) Onion Rings Studios, Android Applications and Games

Once you download click on the app it will ask if you want to install this application? It will say this app can modify Storage and Phone calls, I don't know what that means and it doesn't do anything except store the theme to your SD card.

Click install
Application installed
Click Open and it will open your theme manager software. Pandhome will say apply this now! Click that.
Click on the challengemeg
and you then click Apply
and now your icons are all Dodge Challenger specific and backgrounds for phone and the drawer are all Challenger themed.

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Does this change your icons too or just your background?

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Background Phone Wallpaper

The theme will change your background, icons, clock, drawer background, and tray bar.
I got to thinking and some of you might just want the background that is formated already to the size most android phones use. So here are the files on my website as well.

and just because I'm a nice guy here are 2 for you iphone people as well


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That's awesome! I'm an iPhone guy so of course I wish the themes would work on the iPhone. Looks like good work and would like to know what android people say about this. Keep up the good work!

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I added the George Washington background to my phone and it looks great. Thanks for creating this option for us Challenger fans..

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Love the little icons. I've been looking forever to find some desktop icons of Challengers for my PC, to no avail. If I wasn't completely awful with photoshop I'd make them myself. :laugh:
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