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This morning while parking my car in an underground garage in DC I misjudged the distance between the front bumper of my HO R/T Classic and a rusty pipe. I felt the bump and immediately felt sick to my stomach, but finished parking and tried to calmly step out of the car and review the damage. It was much worse than I thought (I've attached a picture so that y'all can all share the pain). Best part of this story is that it's my birthday so I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself this morning - no one to blame but myself.

Anyway, sucking it up and moving forward, I'm going to get this thing repaired ASAP. I can't stand to walk out each morning and see this gash for longer than a week.

I have a few questions:

1) Can anyone recommend a solid body shop in the NoVA area?

I'm most concerned about quality, but of course would like to keep the cost down.

2) Anyone have any luck getting a front bumper in VA w/o the front license plate brackets installed?

I bought my R/T in NC and I've really enjoyed not having a front license plate. Never had any problems w/ the 5-0. I even had a police officer admire the car and mention the front license plate, saying he didn't have one on his own camaro and that he doubted anyone would ever hassle me for it.

3) Anyone know if you can get a front bumper for a '10 Challenger that doesn't have the nose badge?

Not a big deal, but the new '11 Challengers do look pretty clean w/o them. And if I'm already in this mess, maybe I can take this opportunity to tweak/customize my car a bit.

Thanks for any and all help/answers!


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