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So after 5yrs of of being careful driver i zigged when i should of zagged.

I had a small fender bender and cracked the front end on the driver side corner on my 2011 Challenger SRT.

I need a bit of help with the following as i plan on going to my own body guy to get the new front painted striped and mounted end of this year.

My deductible is 500 but that would mean id have to leave my car with a stranger and i dont trust that they are not going to go joy riding in my SRT.

I need the part numbers for:

1. Front Facia aka Bumper cover
2. Gray stripes
3. Billet Metallic paint code i can give my painter.
4. Bracket that helps hold on the bumper cover on the driver side.

I included some pics of the cracked bumper :( and a pic so you can see the stripes

Id really appreciate any assistance.


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