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Front seat covers

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Its taken a month of back and forth but finally.....


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The right side

After looking at the pics I went and tucked the bottom sides in a little better. Didn't even notice in person.:spineyes:


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I may want to put some of these in for summer.

Those are about the nicest I've seen, where'd ya get em' and how much?
mine are on order for 3 weeks now...i chose the silver and blue...they said the silver is more of a very light grey..i thought it could keep the IE look a bit better...i wasnt planning on doing the head rests either...hope the color will be close enough

looks good though!

im getting sick of the stupid plastic i have on my seats...i expected the seat covers last week...ill have to call on it
Got them at Shear Comfort.....front and back seat for 491.30 shipped
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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