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I'm getting ready to put on a new set of wheels and tires onto my car for the summer. I've got the wheels ready and I have my rear set of tires picked out which I plan on ordering by the end of next week. I'd like suggestions on what to put on the front wheels.

Here are the specs:

18x9.5 Wheel
Nitto NT05R 305/45r18

18x8 Wheel

So basically I'm going to be running a rear street radial, and this is my summer only set so I'll only have them on for about 4-5 months per a year. And with the amount of driving I do, (not very much at all, about 350 miles a month max), I can easily stretch those out for 2 summers (unless I tear them up at the track, then maybe just one summer, lol).

Now as for tire selection, I was looking to stick with the Nitto brand and I was looking at one of the following:

NT555 Extreme Summer Performance
Invo Summer Performance
Motivo All Season Performance

Or if you can recommend anything else, they just need to be reasonably priced (about $175/tire max but the cheaper the better). They should have good treadwear, at least be rated for 24k miles, and be decent performance tires. And I need them in the following size:

Width: 235 to 245
Aspect Ratio: 40 to 50
Rim Diameter: 18"

What do you suggest as a frontrunner tire to go with these rear DR's?
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