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Go by part numbers, as some RT's do have the 30mm SRT front sway bar on them.

Front Sway bars:
P04782541AB = Verified 25mm
P04782543AB = Verified 27mm (RT)
P04782544AB = Verified 30mm (SRT & RT/STP)

Just post which part number yours is and people can decide if they need it.
PS: I have a 16mm SRT Rear Sway if anyone wants to pair it up with your front bar...

For reference:
Rear Sway Bars LX & LC
P68046012AA = 11.95mm
P04782871AB = TBD
P04782872AB = 15.16mm
P04782873AB = 16.1mm (SRT & RT)
P05180016AA = 19.8mm (RT/STP)

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Thank you runner...

I may have to measure it, I am sure the part number was prob on the sticker that peeled off

I knew I heard the RT Sways were the same as SRT someplace...and since I have the RT Classic and all options I will also assume I have the thicker sway...

but will measure regardless.
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