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Hey all! I haven't posted in a while and had a quick question regarding fuel pump and injectors as title says.
Last year when purchasing my D1 procharger kit through arrington performance, we opted for a API single fuel pump It's rated for 700hp (unsure if that's wheel or crank) aswell as 60lb/650cc Injectors. My car will be doing between 600 and 700 crank on a estimate.
This week were hoping to tune the car, but wondering if I should get a fore dual pump and ditch the API? Would a boost a pump be compatible with the API pump?
My goal is just to have the car running perfectly and avoid any issues, I don't care for HP numbers or anything like that because as it is the stock Nag1 with that much power is a ticking time bomb lol. Once I save enough for a SHR trans I plan on turning it up and yes at that point I will need to change the pump for injectors, but as we all know it's expensive so just really wanted input of the API Pump and the 60lb injectors will be sufficient for now.
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