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Howdy Everyone,

This is probably not the post people want to read in this forum, but here it goes.

First off I'm a car guy. I have two Olds 442's (1968 and 1970 W-30, my high school cars) a 1970 Challenger R/T convertible and a 1997 Camaro SS. A couple of years ago when the SRT-8 prototype was unveiled, I was stoked. I swore I would start saving my pennies for the next two years for a new Challenger. Somewhere in the distractions of family and lots of overtime at work, I mistakenly thought that the only model that would ever be available would be the SRT-8. Seeing how high the Charger SRT-8 prices were, I knew that I would never be available to afford the new Challenger so I quit paying attention to it and focused on other things. Why torture myself?

Earlier this year at the autoshow, I learned about the R/T and S/E coming out also. I was excited about the Challenger again! I started reading everything I could about the R/T. I even received at least favorable responses from my wife on the matter. My excitement was soon to vanish again, this time due to our local Dodge dealers.

I went into no less than 4 of our local dealers requesting brochures on the 2009 Challenger and was told anything from "we don't have any" to "we don't give them out to just anyone", to one dealer trying to charge me $9.99 for the brochure. One dealership gave me a poster of the R/T after I told them I was through with Dodge and going to buy something else.

The last dealer has been nice but wants me to order an '09 sight unseen. I know many of you did this with your '08 SRT-8's but I don't have the means to do this. My car is going to be driven and not parked for an investment. I need to see and/or drive the real thing. I don't want to spend $30,000 - $35,000 and be disappointed in the performance, comfort or driveability. I have been promised by several of these dealers that as soon as an '08 SRT-8 comes in, they will give me a call so that I can at least see it in person. So far, my phone has been quiet and maybe I'm naive, but I can't believe nothing has come in around here.

So maybe I will own an '09 R/T but I have become infatuated with the '08 Bullitt. Not the visual impact of a Challenger, but it's smaller, lighter and should have comparable performance to the R/T. This is not to mention the driving fun factor reported by the Bullitt forum members.

I haven't made a decision yet, but Dodge needs to control their dealers better. They need to treat their customers with respect and patience. Even when we bought our Caravan from them, the dealership was pathetic. The Ford dealerships I have been to have not been pushy or disrespectful at all, even with me telling them that I need to at least see a real Challenger before I make a decision. They said that they understood.

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Go to and they have a form to get a brochure.

Ther brochure is pretty crappy compared to the 06 Charger brochure. It is just 4 pages.

The dealers have been really stingy with brochures. Send a PM to SRTpusher, He might be able to mail you one.

09 R/T's are available to order. A small deposit would give you the abilty to order the car the way you want it and if you decide you do not want it, most dealers will give you your deposit back.

Many dealers really are clueless about the cars when they will be built and how much they are.

I hated having to educate my dealer that they could order 2009's back in May.

This forum has been invaluable in helping us Challenger fans together and the knowledge here has been fantastic.

This might help you with pricing.

Where do you live? There are several dealers that seem to be pretty good on here.

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They need to treat their customers with respect and patience. Even when we bought our Caravan from them, the dealership was pathetic. The Ford dealerships I have been to have not been pushy or disrespectful at all, even with me telling them that I need to at least see a real Challenger before I make a decision.
Couldn't agree more with you about dodge dealers. I went through 3 local dealers, all of them either had horrendous service or were not willing to neogotiate a price because they wanted to see how much they could gouge for. Then I found Bob Frederick. He has been "the face of dodge" at and helping everyone out. A few of us forum members have purchased from him and I think I can speak for everyone when I say it's bar none the best service that we've experienced.

I hate seeing people having to deal with crappy dealership behavior. I went through it myself. Here's my story...

I wanted a Hemi Orange SRT8 -- but I have a lease currently which isn't up until August. Back when '08s opened for ordering I figured "I'll just wait for the '09s since they'll release at about the time my lease ends". So time goes by, all the '08s are ordered up, and then late-March Chrysler drops the bomb saying NO hemi orange for '09 SRT8s.

I about soiled myself and went rushing around to local dealers to see if I could get lucky and snag an '08 order. Long story short, I was able to get deposits down at two local dealers for the car I wanted. The problem was that one dealership wasn't budging at $5000 over MSRP and the other wouldn't even negotiate a price until the car was at least being framed at Brampton. They were quick to tell me they already locked their first buyer in at $16,000 over MSRP, though.

All through the interim most of the dealerships were pretty horrendous. One dealership stopped returning my phone calls after I put down my deposit thinking I was a "sure thing" I'm sure. One dealership even refused to tell me the order status of the car (BX, C, D, etc.) saying it wasn't available to them.

Well, I started hanging at and noticed what a great guy Bob Frederick was, he seemed real down-to-earth and just wanting to get people into Challengers even if they weren't buying from him. A few weeks later I get a PM from NOTSURE telling me to check out Bob and that he might be able to help me.

Bob ends up telling me Chrysler is reversing their decision on Hemi Orange and that it WILL be available for '09 SRT8s. I get excited at this point, but I'm still not sure if it's the best thing for me to get an '09 instead. I'm already amped and ready to go for my '08.

I'm upfront with everyone I deal with and don't play games. So, I tell Bob my situation with my '08s and how horrendous of service they're giving and that right then I was not sure what I wanted to do -- but if he would be willing to be my "backup plan" and if I could place an order for an '09 with him just in case I decide to drop my '08 deposits. He came back extremely quickly and not only was willing to be my backup plan, but was going to order the car in my name FIRST THING when orders opened up (which was in the next 24-48 hours) on my word alone that I would be sending in my deposit ASAP. He was even willing to let me send in a smaller than normal deposit because I didn't want to have too much money tied up in deposits in case my '08 came up for purchase and I needed that extra money in a pinch. With the understanding that I'd send in the remainder deposit once I figured out what I was going to do (Which I told him should be within the next 2 weeks) he was happy to accommodate me with that.

I don't know about you, but I've never seen that from any organization/company. Here I am coming to Bob only as a "Backup Plan" for myself and he's ordering a car on my word alone and making accommodations for me regarding the deposit. That in of itself was pretty convincing for me to just drop my '08s and jump on board with Bob.

About 24-48 hours later order banks opened and Bob personally called me to double-check what options I wanted on my order, make adjustments, and just genearlly talk about the car. Keep in mind my deposit hasn't even arrived at Bob's dealership yet.

That sealed the deal. The next day I went out first thing and pulled my deposits on my '08 Challenger, sent in the remainder of the deposit, and emailed Bob to basically tell him he's got a customer for life.

There ARE good dealers out there, but of those I've personally delt with, Bob is the only one I've found. It's a rarity indeed. Heck, I had to go out of state to find a good dealer! ;)

I'd recommend giving Bob a call (Just check my signature banner for the info)! The great service hasn't stopped and Bob basically has kept me updated every step of the way. If Bob can't get it done for you, no one can.
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