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Gauge color for Aeroforce Interceptor

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Ok, about to order an Aeroforce Inteceptor gauge and was wondering what color matched the stock interior the best. I can't decide between green or the blue. For those running the interceptors what did you go with? How do they match the stock interior? Pics would be great.

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We have folks to order both, but green seems to be the most popular

Here is green installed in one of our overhead pods

HEre is a vid of Blue installed in a customers Jeep in our overhead pod

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I did the blue because it matched the color of the head unit on my gig. I don't like the green, there isn't a good matching color.

If I was to do it again I would pick the black and white. Todd at Aeroforce has an srt8 and loves the color. I posted pics in an early post link to the review and pic below:
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