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1. The amp should be a seperate unit, either in the spare tire area or on the rear deck.
2. You have 2 speakers in the rear deck, 2 in the doors and 2 in the the front dash.
3. The Uconnect system from this era is known to be crappy.
4. Any double din head unit will fit. As WM. Internet Rock DJ said, it isn't just an easy plug and play. You'll need special harnesses for the amp, control interfaces to keep SWC, mounting brackets, etc. If you have knowledge of installing stereos, you can figure it out, but it can get hectic!
5. Personally, I'd start by replacing the speakers. It is a 9 year old car and who knows how the previous owner treated it. You can get good quality speakers for a reasonable price. Pay attention to the ohm rating required! Also try the AUX cable instead of bluetooth.
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