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I am largely dissatisfied with the audio system in this car.
I have retrieved some info from the window sticker for my car's VIN and got this:

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So questions:
1) Is the amp part of the radio assembly or is it separate?
2) Are these 6 speakers in a typical layout, that I can refer to through a service manual, if I wanted to replace them?
3) I am using a Samsung Galaxy S10+ with UConnect. I do have an equalizer on this phone and I suspect this is partially the reason why I get heavy distortion at higher volumes. It's not just the distortion, it's the vibration of the housing elements I guess. Has anybody ever installed an audio system in a Challenger that can handle that sort of sound processing? I find the lack of bass disturbing ;) I can also just turn off the equalizer I guess but I use it when on my headphones as well and would rather keep it.
4) What are the choices of replacing the factory radio? Are there 3rd party options with USB support, faster bluetooth DSPs (the delay is mildly annoying) or more output power? What if I wanted to add a trunk woofer that needs extra watts?
5) Any general advice on tweaking the audio system in this car?
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