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There has been a massive price drop in the 9" bolt-in differential by Gforce. Check it out

Gforce Complete 9" Bolt-In IRS Rear Differential


  • Fabricated bolt in (no cutting or welding required) 9" housing that bolts up to the factory locations
  • Heavy duty front mount with BMR bushing
  • 35 spline high alloy billet steel inner axle stubs
  • 1500+hp 35 Spline high alloy billet steel Anti Wheel-hop axles with our severe duty cv joints
  • High alloy billet steel outer axle stubs
  • 1 piece PST or Dynotech driveshaft depending on application (3.5" or 4.0" Aluminum or Carbon fiber)

Dont forget to check out the rest of the Gforce products we carry!

For the quickest response, please call the shop 888-894-1115
For sales questions use extension 306 for Don.
For tech questions use 302 for Bruce.
For tuning questions use 301 for Josh.

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By massive price drop, going from over 7000 dollars to 5000 dollars for a rear end still isnt going to sell you alot of units. Maybe even none. Fact is, people going for quarter mile are going to go with a live axel and the factory unit from getrag is plenty strong enough for the track for 3 to 5 k less.

make a bolt in unit for close to 2k before someone comes up with a gear swap solution and you will get some attention.

like the product. dumb it down for the street and make it affordable.
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