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"Ghost Cams"

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I currently own a 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 but am about to trade for a Challenger RT. One of the mods I was about to purchase was this tune with an option for the ghost cam. I know it is possible to do with the Mustang because of the VVT I am not aware of the Challenger in auto though. Note this is not a performance mod just a "cool" exhaust mod.

I am new here and have only heard of one brand of tunes but was wondering if this is something possible to make happen with the Challenger.

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You have a 2011 Mustang GT and you want a new Challenger? Welcome, but you're a car salesman's wet dream.

Ive called around ive been told it cant be done on challengers
Don't think that will be possible on the VVT, or VCT HEMI engines because they still run a single cam in the center of the block, while the 5.0L COYOTE engine runs dual overhead cams, which can allow for different adjustments to intake and exhaust duration and overlap characteristics separately, through the engine control programming..

Since this is your first post. How come you're trading your Mustang GT for a Challenger R/T?
Thanks for the information. Also, was wondering why people were not gaining much from the aftermarket tunes compared to the GT. Even all us GT guys thought with basic addons and tune the bigger displacement would have more to gain and that our 5.0's were already pushed to their limit.

You have a 2011 Mustang GT and you want a new Challenger? Welcome, but you're a car salesman's wet dream.
Actually I am not welcome at the dealership I purchased my Mustang from. After having to sit down with the GM I came out pretty good. I am not necessarily trading in to a dealership but will sell for more than I paid and will purchase a new vehicle. I have actually been offered the same or more than what I paid for it at other dealerships.
Since this is your first post. How come you're trading your Mustang GT for a Challenger R/T?
Challenger was my first choice but I went with the faster car. I should have heeded the advice that there would always be a faster car and should go with one that you would want to drive, for me, daily. I want to go to an auto instead of manual and would prefer exterior attributes over performance to some degree.

On the other note, I don't know how many of you have kept up with the issues the 6spd 5.0 is having but it seems pretty consistent. Seems to be a clutch and/or transmission issue that is not being handled very well. Many people are in the process of lemon law or forced to take their car in for a repair multiple times which happens to be my case. I could go on and on about the issue but a google search would give you all the information you would need.
I completely understand your position on making the change. It's the main reason I have my Challenger today. I've owned some very fast cars in my day (I'm only 41 now), and could have easily went with a car that was quicker and faster than the Challenger. The two I was seriously considering were an '07-'09 GT500. Or, an '06-'08 Z06. Both cars have stellar performance, great looks, and keen attributes. But, both also lacked a good bit, in their own ways, what I wanted for a true daily-driven, year-round vehicle that could actually seat more than two, semi comfortably. Even when it came down to the Camaro SS, or a GT 5.0. Both lacked things I wanted and needed. And, even more importantly the room and comfort I wanted. And, yes. As you said, there will always be faster cars on the road. Even closer to home is the fact that you can always make any car faster. All it takes is the right parts and money. But, you better start off with a platform that comes as close to encompassing all that you want in a vehicle, because some things you just can change. Such as, interior room, trunk space, visibility, seating, etc. And, in some cases even looks. The Challenger lacks nothing in external appearance. There's really not one line, or curve that isn't appealing. When it comes to the visuals of some of it's competition, it seems there's many features that are hit, or miss with the world, and their respected, loyal fan bases. One of the only real negatives about the Challenger is it's weight. I can live with that. Because, it's that heft that makes the car so awesome, and comfortable as a daily ride. I've taken my Challenger on numerous road trips, including one that totaled over 4000 miles. I even did this with the SRT8 Chargers I had before it. It's the only car (as wells as the Chargers) that after thousands of miles of driving, I still felt refreshed like day one, where I could keep going for thousands of more miles, if the trip continued.

Good luck on your sale/trade/Challenger purchase. If money's no object. And, you drive a new 392 car. You'll be hooked, and the previous year cars, as well as models will simply be second best to you. However, if you're looking for a killer deal, and keeping to a certain budget, there are some outstanding deals to be had. Now, short of the 392 cars, I would suggest you drive both the R/T, and SRT8 Challenger models. Because, even though the R/T is a stout performer, especially with some bolt-ons (all '09 and up R/Ts have the "new" 5.7 HEMI with Eagle heads, VVT/VCT, and active intakes, which bring it's performance level real close to the SRT8) you need to check out the differences in the handling, braking, ride, additional amenities (if they matter), etc. True, you can add all of that later. But, depending on the deal you can find, you may want to start off ahead of the game from the start. Regardless, with any Challenger model you can really go wrong. Post up you progress in your dealings, as well as pics when you finally get your Challenger... Good luck..
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Skiesaregrey. You wouldn't happen to be from near Muscle Shoals would you?

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Welcome to the forum skiesaregrey:cheers: Would love to have a ghost cam idle tune for my Challenger.
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