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Give me your opinion?

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So I have a 2013 Challenger RT and I plan on doing a decently big mod next year and id like some opinions on it before I go through with it all. I will either be doing a 426 crate engine or a 410 stroker kit with 274 comp cam, 5.7l ported heads and full exhaust. Mainly looking for the most ponies I can get but I also want a nice sounding idle. I'm still debating on which one to do so any comments or other build ideas would help a lot!
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HP is cool, but it's the torque that moves you, especially on the street.

IMO, I would go with the most cubic inches that I could get for the buck, and enjoy the torque it gives. On a good build, the HP will be there too for the top end, but I would never give up low end "grunt" for the top end "bang" on a street driver.

Best of luck on your dream build.
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