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going racing

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2morrow im going to the track after a long winter with a few upgrades

lowerd the car put some nitto dr's on it and some juice so i'll post up some slips and let everyone know how it went:bigthumb:
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Same here going tomorrow weather permitting. They are calling for 40% chance of rain and a high of 54.
went to track today here's my best 09 R/T auto
shorty headers
cat back
cmr tune
nitto's 555's
zex wet kit 75 shot

r/t.... .214
330..... 5.026
1/8..... 7.76
mph.... 91.01
1000.... 10.098
1/4.... 12.082

ill scan the slip later its to lite to take a pic

last year my personal best was [email protected]

oh and i love the juice the car re acts great and loved it
Do you spray the whole way or just off the line.

I got my P/B today also 12.71 down from a 13.6 last year.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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