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Going to drags..Any tips or techniques???

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I am taking my stock 2010 SRT8 auto with all season tires to raceway park in N.J on Sat.. Please share any tips or techniques for launching and getting good 60ft times. What psi in the front and rear (all season) tires is best, Do I put the trans in 1st and let it shift itself or just leave in auto for best results? Should I bring rpms up and stomp on it at the green or ease into throttle? What about traction control(on, partial or completely off)? I plan on going around the water box and doing a short power brake to clean and warm my tires. I have 100's of 1/4 mile passes/runs under my belt but I am new to this car and could use some of your proven techniques to get the most out of this car. Any help would be very much appreciated.
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Leave it in drive, No water at all, No burn-out just clean them off, bring it up to about 1200 rpm and roll into it to keep it from spinning so bad. I would put about 26/28 psi in the rear and about 40 psi in the front and I would cut the traction control off myself you can try it different ways to see whats best for you. Hope this helps a little and good luck!!!!
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