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I have had a bad and great experiance in northern Indiana.

I bought a 2012 Challenger SXT in June last year and I did not care about the $10K in nagative equity I was rolling into the car. after being harrased all summer for buying a 6cyl muscle car I started looking around for an 8cyl. I went to the same dealer and he would only offer me $17K for the car I just paid $23,5 for 3000 miles ago. They had a 2010 SRT8. after some back and forth they offered me $17,5 for my car.

Meanwhile I was also talking to a dealer in Rochester indiana (about and hour and a half away) on a 2011 STR8 loaded and beautiful with only 2600 miles on it. they listed it for $37,900 and dropped the price the week before to $33,985. I got them to come down to $32,575, (which is a steal for that car with those miles) so then I asked them to appraise my trade over the phone with the VIN# only. they agreed and called me back with an offer of $21K for my trade. a $3,500 difference. So I told them they needed to find another $1000 between the 2 cars. they came back with $21,5 for the trade and firm on the 2011. after some back and forth I ended up getting $21,809 for my trade and They threw in a free 1 year extended warrenty. They were great to work with, seemed very honest and even offered to bring the car to me (1.5 hours away mind you).

I ended up driving to pick it up because I wanted it the next day and they needed to wait one more day to get it up here to me. So I picked up my 2011 Redline 3 coat pearl Challenger on 2/11/14 and had to park it because of the crappy roads and weather for a nother month. I can not wait to get back in her. She is awesome and I have never loved a car more then I do this girl. come one summer.
Lochmany motors in Elkhart Indiana = Crap
Mike Anderson Dodge in Rochester = Great.
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