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2019 Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320
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FINALLY caught a break, just happen to be in the right place at the right time....

I've had 18" & 20" Diff Brand & Size Wheels & Drag Radials on order for months from different vendors with no luck... Fast forward to yesterday and I'm at this HUGE car show (over 1000 cars and 5 huge rows of vendors). Its 95 to 96 degrees i'm starting to wonder if this was a smart move and in walks Eric....

This guy walks up and says hey is this your 1320, I say Yes...
He says, I just sold my 2019, and goes on to tell me he actually sold it for more money than he bought it for in 2019. Then he says, it only had 300 miles on it

We're talking and chewing the fat and all of a sudden he says, HEY I HAVE (4) Dam Near Brand New Nexen Factory Drag Radials, I SAY I'LL TAKE THEM !!! LOL...
We agree on $400. and when i go to pick them up tonight he says, you know what I just want them to go to the right guy with a 1320, how about $300.00

Great Guy, Thank You Eric wherever you are....



Probably pick up some extra rear wheels to make it an easy switch back and forth.... Have Brand New Nitto Motivo's on there now and they're good for the other seasons...
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