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With a set of 275x40r20 BFG Comp-2 AS tires on the back the best I could do is 4.6 seconds, most times I would get 4.8 seconds and was very disappointed with the car. Now, with new wheels, I have 315s on the back (and a Tazer) and I ran a 4.23 second in track mode, now I'm happy. That was my first and only try so far. It felt like a solid run but I think I could get down closer to a 4 sec. I need to find a private road where I can run 1/4 mile times.

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This was done with odblink MX+. It's easier to use than the stock timers. There isn't a count down, it starts the timer when you hit the gas. But I can run it at the same time as the stock timer so I might run both at the same time to see how they compare.

Obviously this is not an "official" track time, but I'm still happy with the results of the wider tires.
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