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Ordered a set of XLM2 4000K fog lamps from Diode Dynamics as part of their 'Labor Day Weekend' promo. As I have a 2012 SRT, I ordered the bulbs listed for that vehicle. I received the bulbs quickly, about a week, but when I opened the package, the bulbs they sent didn't match my removed bulbs in either physical mounting design or electrical connection.

I called Diode Dynamics and spoke to 'Corey'. First thing he did was appologize because I wasn't happy with my bulbs - even before I explained why.... He then confirmed that I had indeed ordered the correct bulbs. When I described the bulbs I had removed, he knew immediately which bulbs I needed. It would seem that FCA put in a different fog lamp assembly than is normal for the 2012 SRT...

I sent Corey photos of my bulb and housing just to ensure we were on the same page and he emailed me back stating he had arranged to have a new set of identical bulbs, with my required connections, sent out immediately. Since I live in Canada, and they don't have a RMA setup for prepaid returns from Canada, he asked my to ship back the bulbs at my expense, send him a copy of my receipt and he would arrange to have a Paypal credit sent to me for the return shipping charges.

I mailed back the incorrect bulbs the same day, sent him the receipt copy and had a credit later that afternoon.

I received the replacement bulbs today and they are a perfect fit and look great - photo attached showing new foglamp on car's right-hand side (photo left) and stock on the other. If they're that much brighter in bright sunshine, they should be really awesome at night!

So Kudos to Corey and Diode Dynamics for a great experience. Very nice to deal with a company that says they want their customers satisfied - and mean it!

John Trinca
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